Is someone coming to get me?

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

The Hillary Step burns.


The Coronation crew bow out.


It's over!!!!!!!


Mountain Culture...Nice Guys!


Gau and Fischer stuck just below the Balcony.


Rob Hall, Andy Harris, Doug Hansen stuck at the Hillary Step, beyond rescue but together.


Pulling up to the South Summit.

Sorry not to have finished up with last post. We were so desperate to leave we just went straight to bed having read the radio conversation between Rob Hall and his wife at 5am. So we made it. The last hour dragged by pretty slowly. Then we had to be up at 9am to take the mountain down. This was accomplished pretty quickly if in a slightly comatose state.

The mountain then succumbed to the flames at the Mountain Culture annual picnic. I watched the Hillary step burn as I swilled down salmon with beer.

We are so grateful to everyone who helped out in big and small ways, from the volunteers to the tech people, to the workshop guys, to the candy rock grrrls who kept us awake, to Mountain Culture and BNMI and the Dining Room who hosted and supported us, and to everyone who came to see us. Specific thanks go to: Leslie Taylor, Charla Sharp and Shannon O'Donoghue from Mountain Culture; Lori Ward, Sara Diamond, Susan Kennard and Cindy Schatkoski from the Banff New Media Institute; Radio 90; Joost Asselbergs for letting us use the Dining Room, Chef for making the Coronation Chicken, and tolerant Dining Room staff (we now realise the major effort you put into feeding everyone's creativity!); Security people for opening doors; Mike and his computer team; the sound man, whose name we never got but who set up the wireless mic that was invaluable at the critical moment; Wayne, Rod, Dave, Clay and other Rod and all the people associated with the carpentry shop; the men with the capacious truck and the sturdy forearms; Sarah Fabri and PR people; and all of our volunteers, including Anne-Marie, Seana, Trish, Trish's magic Reiki hands, Nina Wakeford, Charla's craft box, Steve and Jade, Kate our favourite sleep depriver, Anna, and others. Thank you all. The task was far larger than we had anticipated; it was more than we could manage alone.

We are both back in the UK now and begining to assess/process the whole performance. From my perspective it was really good, particularly socially! I will come up with some more fancy thoughts later. The jetlag and sledgehammer effect of sleep deprivation means my mind is still working slightly weirdly.

Friday, May 30, 2003
Andy Harris and Doug Hansen have just slithered off the ridge into Tibet. It was a most affecting moment as we both watched the wool that links the figure to the bio board plume to the ground. They snaked downwards in a slow tangle. Rob Hall moved down the mountain to the South Summit, where he now sits having disposed his place as best he can.

Sandeee has lent us a CD to see us through the night. It is great and perfect for our slightly somber mood, tempered by incapacity.

3:53am. The piece is winding down because we are. I feel really good about it, in the end. I think the piece really engaged people in a variety of ways. And it remained entertaining, so it seems and to my surprise (again). Too tired...i've raced beyond or far behind words.